Unleash your inner artist... And your alter ego. ;)

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  • Bachelorette parties

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Graduation parties

  • Girls' night in

  • Divorce parties

  • All-male parties

  • Team building

  • Just chilling out

Fabio's Roost is a private drawing venue brought to your home as a creative, tasteful, and fun option for your bachelorette, birthday or any other party.

With a glass of champagne and a gorgeous specimen of man right in front of you, there's never been a better way to, ahem, let it all hang out...

Your fun art instructor gets you prepared for Nude Life Drawing 101 with plenty of drinks, art supplies, and a quick lesson...

 While your sculpted model prepares to challenge your art skills in ways you've never imagined... 

Enjoy an unforgettable night of entertainment, laughter, and plenty of eye candy—whether you're celebrating a special moment, or just need a good reason to have some harmless fun.

Seriously this was a huge hit.... For about the same cost as going out, you get a private party with champagne and a really hot guy to draw... a very professional but entertaining way to have fun and make memories with your besties.”
— Shaila N., Fort Wayne