Here is what you can expect, working as a professional model for Fabio's Roost:

As a model, you are the Star of The Show. When you work at one of our events, you are expected to arrive at the host's home 10-15 minutes early to prepare for the party. Look nice when you arrive! Undress in their bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel when you're ready to present yourself.... The host gets to make the "Grand Reveal" by removing the towel. At this point, all inhibitions go right out the window, that's why we only want men who are secure with their bodies!

For the next 2 hours, you will be modeling au naturel as the group sketches you on their drawing pads, so it is important that you position yourself in comfortable poses for around 10-15 minutes at a time (the group will be doing up to 10 sketches with you in several positions). You may accessorize with a scarf, hat, boa, bowtie if you like... anything that enhances and shows off your fun, loving personality! You are encouraged to talk with the ladies, tease them, keep them entertained... But always stay classy and professional. Inappropriate touching, fondling, etc. is NOT allowed during the party.

The atmosphere will be fun and loose as music plays and champagne is poured, while the art instructor is there to introduce you, teach drawing basics and keep the fun flowing with a couple games during the event. For larger parties, prizes will be awarded. 

In the last 15 minutes, there will be photo ops for the ladies to pose with you individually and as a group. These will be tasteful pictures that can appear in social media.

Those 2 hours will go by very fast! We tell everyone that tipping is optional - but it is not expected.

You will be paid for your time the day after the event, either by check or direct PayPal deposit.